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Auktion: Valuable Manuscripts and Printed Books
wurde versteigert am: 6. Juni 2007
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BOOK OF HOURS, use of Rome, in Latin, ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPT ON VELLUM [Flanders, c.1510] 140 x 100mm. 224 leaves: 1 1 2, 2-3 8, 4 9(iv a singleton with miniature), 5 9(iv a singleton with miniature), 6 8, 7 9(i a singleton with miniature), 8-11 8, 12 7(of 8, vi cancelled blank), 13-14 8, 15 9(vi a singleton with miniature), 16-17 8, 18 9(i a singleton with miniature), 19-27 8, text complete, possibly lacking three further singletons with miniatures, 17 lines in black ink in a gothic bookhand between two verticals and 18 horizontals ruled in pink, top and bottom across margins, justification: 90 x 65mm, rubrics in pink, one- to six-line initials with camaïeu d'or twig or foliate staves on grounds of blue, green, grey or red, TWELVE FULL-PAGE ILLUSIONISTIC BORDERS EACH INCORPORATING TWO MINIATURES, one with the occupation of the month and the other a roundel with the sign of the zodiac, EIGHT LARGE FOLIATE INITIALS AND TWO HISTORIATED INITIALS, ALL WITH FULL-PAGE BORDERS, five of the foliate initials facing miniatures, THIRTY-FIVE SMALL MINIATURES WITH FULL-PAGE BORDERS, the miniatures eight-lines high (one seven-lines), LARGE MINIATURE AND ILLUSIONISTIC BORDER above and around five lines of text, FIVE FULL-PAGE MINIATURES with surrounding borders, all borders of 'Ghent-Bruges' types with flowers, foliage-sprays, insects and birds against coloured grounds, others with jewels, pilgrim badges, architectural surrounds, landscape scenes, peacock feathers or prayers (very occasional spotting and minimal surface losses). 19th-century brown morocco gilt, spine gilt in six compartments, by Thivet, marbled endleaves, edges gilt and gauffered (lower corners bumped, minor scuffing of edges). PROVENANCE: The scribe signed his work at the end of the Office of the Dead 'Finis huius libri per me hanskin de bomalia'. Johanne de Bomalia is one of the few Flemish scribes to have signed their work and he is also known through documentary records. He was listed in 1489, as 'broeder Ian de Bomale' in the Bruges confraternity of St John the Evangelist and St Luke -- to which all the members of the book crafts belonged. He reappears in later entries as 'Ian Bomalia'. The earlier title, 'broeder' is explained by a contract of 1499, which reveals that he was a Dominican friar 'heer Ian de bomalia presbitre religieux van sinte Dominicus ordene': W.H.J. Weale, 'Documents inédits sur les enlumineurs de Bruges', Le Beffroi , IV, 1872-3, pp.318, 322, 329 and 332. He also signed a richly illuminated book of Hours in The Hague (Meermanno-Westreenianum Ms 10 E.3) and a Processional in Berkeley, California (UCB, Music Library Ms O745). His bastarda script, with its long arching ascenders on the letters d and v and the extending fine tails to g, is like that in a substantial group of manuscripts given to the 'Thin Descender Scribe': Illuminating the Renaissance, The Triumph of Flemish Manuscript Painting in Europe , 2003, pp.373 & 442. These all seem likely to be the work of Hanskin de Bomalia: he was clearly a highly successful and sought-after professional, for they include the Book of Hours made for King James IV of Scotland and his wife Margaret Tudor (Vienna, ÖNB, Ms 1897) and a lavish Hours once owned by Marie de Medici, now in Oxford (Bodleian Library, Douce 112). For the most recent discussion on this question see R. Gay, 'Scribe Biographies' in Flemish Manuscript Painting in Context , eds E. Morrison & T. Kren, 2006, pp.183-188. Emmanuel Pierre Rodacanachi, French historian and man of letters (1859-1934): his bookplate with monogram EPR and motto 'In Labore Quies' inside upper cover and his printed bookplate with 'Otium in Labore' on the verso of the front endleaf: his sale, Paris, Drouot, 7 May 1934, lot 52. His library of works on Italy, ancient and modern, was left to the Institut de France. CONTENT: Calendar ff.1-12v; Salve Sancta Facies ff.13-14; Gospel Extracts ff.14v-20; Passion according to John ff.21-31v; Hours of the Cross ff.33-40v; Ho

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Auktionshaus: Christie's
Titel: Valuable Manuscripts and Printed Books
Auktionsdatum: 06.06.2007
Adresse: Christie's
6 June 2007, London, King Street