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Auktion: Contemporary Art Part I
wurde versteigert am: 13. Mai 2010
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Dan Flavin

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PROPERTY FROM AN IMPORTANT EUROPEAN COLLECTION Dan Flavin Untitled (to Jörg Schellmann) 1994 Blue and pink fluorescent lights. 96 x 24 x 7 7/8 in. (244 x 61 x 20 cm). This work is from an edition of five, of which only three were fabricated and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
Provenance Paula Cooper Gallery, New York Exhibited New York, Gering & López Gallery, Dan Flavin/Josef Albers, May 4 – June 14, 2008 (another example exhibited) Literature T. Bell and M. Govan, Dan Flavin: The Complete Lights 1961-1996, New York, 2004, p. 403, pl. 659 (illustrated) Catalogue Essay Composed of four horizontal blue fluorescent lights perched atop a towering pink fluorescent light Untitled (to Jörg Schellmann), 1994 is a delicate example of Dan Falvin’s monumental body of work. Installed along a 45 degree corner wall the elongated pink florescent light illuminates the rear of the work creating a soft feminine pink glow which runs up the wall where it meets with the cool glow of the blue fluorescent light and melts into a purple haze. The amalgamation of the feminine pink glow with the masculine blue hue crates an ethereal juxtaposition of the feminine qualities of light against the masculinity of the physical metal light fixtures. The choice of florescent light as a medium satisfied certain art-historical demands of the period. For one, the direct use of electrical light as an artistic medium responded to the desire for innovative form. Furthermore, the commercial availability and mundane familiarity of the fluorescent light allowed it to be subversive when placed in the context of more traditional painting and sculpture…although Flavin’s art is easily identifiable as by Flavin, it rejects the individualized, hand-marked character of gestural painting and sculpture. T. Bell, “Fluorescent Lights as Art,” Dan Flavin: The Complete Lights, 1961- 1996, pp. 109-110 Read More Artist Bio Dan Flavin American • 1933 - 1996 Dan Flavin employed commercially-sold fluorescent light tubes in order to produce what he liked to call "situations" or installations. His minimalist approach transcended simplicity through his use of neon colors and thoughtful compositions. With straight-edged light beams, Flavin would often create dynamic arrangements reminiscent of Fred Sandback's work with yarn. View More Works

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Phillips
Titel: Contemporary Art Part I
Auktionsdatum: 13.05.2010
Adresse: Phillips
13 May 2010 New York