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Auktion: Fine Art & Antiques
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Francesco Zuccarelli

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FRANCESCO ZUCCARELLI Pitigliano 1702-1788 Florens Pastoralt landskap med figurscen Olja på duk, 51 x 76 cm. Oil on canvas. EXPERTIS: Cabinet Turquin, Stéphane Pinta, Paris Born in Tuscany, Francesco Zuccarelli trained with the historical painter and portrait artist Pietro Nelli, a student of Pierre de Cortone, in Rome. He then continued his studies in Florence with the landscape artist Paolo Anesi, before arriving in Venice in 1732, where he continued to work for almost the rest of his life. Influenced by the work of Marco Ricci, Zuccarelli used natural settings and live models to paint decorative landscapes, populated with a scattering of pastoral figures painted with a fluid touch, a great deal of care and strong colours. It was thus that he became known as a skilled landscape artist and received patronage from Joseph Smith, the English consul. Through the influence of this patron, a number of his paintings were sent to England and Zuccarelli decided to travel to London. While he was there, he painted a number of views of the Thames and became one of the founders of the Royal Academy in London in 1768. During his lifetime, Zuccarelli was a huge celebrity both in Venice, where he was appointed president of the academy in 1772, and in England.

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