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Auktion: Old Masters, British & European Paintings
wurde versteigert am: 11. September 2018
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Follower of Francesco Zuccarelli R.A.

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Follower of Francesco Zuccarelli R.A. A wooded river landscape with bathers on a bank, a fortified town beyond Oil on canvas laid on panel 15 x 23cm; 6 x 9in Francesco Zuccarelli was one of the leading Italian landscape painters of the 18th century and apparently began his artistic training very early with Paolo Anesi and later worked in Rome with Giorgio Morandi and his pupil Pietro Nelli. After returning briefly to Florence, he moved to Venice in about 1732 and became associated with the Venetian school. The facile technique atmospheric light and classical pastoral character that typify his picturesque Arcadian landscapes were especially appealing ot the English. Zuccarelli visited England twice: at the end of 1752, remaining for 10 years with great success at painting landscapes and again from 1765 to 1771. He was founding member of the Royal Academy (1768) and he became one of George III's favourite painters. Zuccarelli had been elected to the Venetial Academy in 163 and became its president in 1772. In addition to doing much work at Bergamo, he was for a tim in Paris, and in the last two years of his life he returned to Rome and afterward to his native Tuscany. In addition to landscape paintings, Zuccarelli executed innumerable drawings, a few religious paintings, engravings and tapestry designs. Read more »

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Titel: Old Masters, British & European Paintings
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