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Auktion: Auction 04.09.2015
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Unique collection of items relating to the legendary British “aviatrix” Amy Johnson, …

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Unique collection of items relating to the legendary British "aviatrix" Amy Johnson, the first woman pilot to fly solo from England to Australia in 1930. The collection comprises three route maps of France in original leather satchel bag monogrammed AM (Mollison) and tailor-made for her by Emile Hermès in Paris in early 1936; a route map of North Atlantic Ocean; an Ediphone Cylinder (addressed "Miss Amy Johnson, Passenger, s.s. 'Naldera', Fremantle") with the record of the speech she gave in Charleville, Australia, on May 30, 1930, together with accompanying typed letter from Bebarfalds Ltd; several hand tinted "Hammer Lantern Plates", mainly showing the aircraft used by Amy in her Australian adventure, triumphant welcomings in Sydney in 1930 and many bird-eye views of cities and landscapes (slides produced by the National Geographic Society); two black and white photographs of Amy's husband Jim Mollison at Blackpool airport; (quantity) In her aviation career, Johnson set numerous world records. In 1931 she became the first pilot, along with her co-pilot Jack Humphreys, to fly in one day from London to Moscow and from there to Japan;. The following year she flew solo from London to Cape Town. In 1933, together with her husband, she set a record for flying from England to the United States and from England to India in 1934. With the outbreak of WWII she joined the Air Transport Auxiliary and transported RAF aircrafts around the country. She died in 1941 after her plane crashed into the Thames estuary due to bad weather.

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Titel: Auction 04.09.2015
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