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Thirty-one Books on India and Kashmir Thirty-one Books on India and Kashmir

Schätzpreis: 175 $ - 250 $
Zuschlagspreis:  523 $
Los-Nr. 1082A, Aufrufe: 36

Thirty-one Books on India and Kashmir, Behrendt, Art of Gandhara in the Metropolitan Museum of Art; Marshall, Buddhist Art of Gandhara; Zimmer, Art of Indian Asia, two vols.; Bussabarger, Everyday Art of India; Sinha, Tantra; Pal, Arts of Kashmir, Bronzes of Kashmir, and Divine Images Human Visions; Jaitly, Crafts of Kashmir; Munsterberg, Art of India and Southeast Asia; Lerner, Flame and the Lotus: Kronos Collections; Pal, Desire and Devotion: Ford Collection; Srinivasan, Many Heads, Arms and Eyes; Aryan, Indian Folk Bronzes; Pathak, Indian Silver; Paul, Arms and Armour: Traditional Weapons of India, two copies; Archer, Treasures from India: Clive Collection at Powis Castle; Krishan, Ganesa; Pal, Krishna; Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Spring 1975; Morley, Indian Sculpture; Topsfield (ed.), In the Realm of Gods and Kings: Art of India; Linrothe, Collecting Paradise: Buddhist Art of Kashmir; Haidar, Sultans of Deccan India; Welch (ed.), Gods, Kings, and Tigers: Art of Kotah; Zebrowski, Gold, Silver and Bronze from Mughal India; Welch, India, two copies; Dye, Arts of India; and Sivaramamurti, Art of India.

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