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Auktion: Printed Books, Manuscripts, Maps and Photographs
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The Poetry of Place, mimeographed

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The Poetry of Place, mimeographed typescript [of a B.B.C. radio talk on George Crabbe and Suffolk], 7 pages, disbound [Kirkpatrick F31(144)], folio, [1960]--ROLFE (FREDERICK, "Baron Corvo") The Reverse Side of the Coin. Some Further Correspondence, ONE OF 95 COPIES, Edinburgh, Tregara Press, 1974--WEEKS (DONALD) Frederick Rolfe, Baron Corvo, of Skene Street, reprinted from the Aberdeen University Review, 1968, both inscribed by Donald Weeks--STRONG (L.A.G.) Dublin Days, FIRST EDITION OF THE AUTHOR'S FIRST BOOK, Oxford, Blackwells, 1921--MASEFIELD (JOHN) The Twenty Five Days, PROOF COPY, William Heinemann, [1941], publisher's wrappers--HUXLEY (JULIAN S.) The Captive Shrew and Others Poems of a Biologist, AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY TO JOHN BETJEMAN with inscription date March 1963, Oxford, Blackwell, 1947--MACBETH (GEORGE) The Broken Places, AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY TO JOHN BETJEMAN Scorpion, 1963--GUNN (THOMAS) The Sense of Movement, upper joint of jacket torn, Faber, 1957--CLAMONT (CORLISS) Rembering John Masefield, inscribed by Judith Masefield, Rutherford, Farleigh Dickinson University, 1971, last 4 mentioned FIRST EDITIONS, last 5 publisher's cloth, dust-jackets, 8vo; and 10 others, including an autograph letter signed by Bruce Rogers (19)

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