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AMERICA - EAST COAST [RAMUSIO (GIOVANNI BATTISTA)] La Nuova Francia, double-page woodcut map, with numerous Native Americans hunting, fishing, etc., birds, animals, ships and fanciful sea monsters [Burden, The Mapping of North America, 25], 297 x 385mm., [Venice, 1606] Fußnoten A good clean impression of the first map devoted to New England and New France, and the first to be named so. Derived from Gastaldi's 1548 regional map, its several curiosities include the Hudson and St. Lawrence rivers meeting inland, the Upper Bay area of New York as Angoulesme, and Long Island as a peninsula named Flora. A long, snake-like band marking the rich fishing banks is thought to be an early representation of the Gulf Stream. Taken from Terzo volume delle navigationi et viaggi, this example is in the third state, as evidenced by the page numbers 353 and 354. The original woodblock of 1556 was destroyed in a fire, and the new one cut for the edition of 1565 was reused in 1606.

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