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A large collection of ephemeral items from the Petersen Collection, approximately 100 items, including playbills from stage performances, newspaper appearances and clippings, and scholarly studies, including: a handbill distributed by the Oxford Eagle, July 7, 1962, announcing businesses will be closed on the day of WF's funeral, Petersen Serendipity XVI.2; Snopes Pay, Nov. 1972- Apr. 1977, 20 issues, each one of 18-25 copies, distributed as a newsletter by James Meriwether following his Faulkner seminars; page proofs of Jean Stein's intervew with WF to appear in the Paris Review, "the most extensive single interview with Faulkner ever published" Petersen Serendipity I22.1;University of Mississippi Magazine XXIX, No. 2 (December 1905), featuring an ad for the Falkner Transfer Company, Petersen Serendipity XVII.5; several newspaper appearances of Faulkner, including "Yo Ho and Two Bottles of Rum," the New Orleans Times Picayune, September 27, 1925, (Petersen Serendipity IV.III.15 p. 53), as well as A13.36, D4, D11, D33, E15, E32 and E34.

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