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Katalognummer: NE0320-100 SEIYODO BUNSHOJO: A SUBLIME BOAR-TUSK NETSUKE WITH SPIDER AND FERNS By Seiyodo Bunshojo (1764-1838), signed Nihon San’indo Iwami Enokawa Seiyodo Bunshojo chokoku Japan, Iwami province, late 18th to early 19th century, Edo period (1615-1868) Published: Earle, Joe (2000) The Robert S. Huthart Collection of Iwami Netsuke, Vol. 1, p. 110, no. 90. Carved from a choice, beautifully shimmering boar tusk with pronounced curvature. Towards the narrow end the artist has carved a large spider in high relief with incised hair on its thick segmented body, large fangs and inlaid eyes. The spider is carved with a superior sense of naturalism, which is extraordinarily rare for comparable Iwami tusk netsuke with spiders. Below the arachnid are delicately engraved ferns next to the signature and inscription reading SEIYODO BUNSHOJO 青陽堂 文章女 carved this by the Eno River in the San’indo region of Japan. With a zoomorphic pot seal. LENGTH 10.8 cm Condition: Very good condition with natural veining and minor age cracks. Provenance: The Robert S. Huthart Collection. Seiyodo Bunshojo (1764-1838) was the eldest daughter of Seiyodo Tomiharu (1733-1811), the founder of the Iwami school. Her work is deemed as of equal stature of her father’s and she achieved widespread recognition as a professional artist by the men of her time – which was an incredibly rare feat in the Japan of the 18th century. Auction comparison: Compare to two similar boar tusk netsuke by Seiyodo Bunshojo, which also illustrate the superior carving of the spider in the present netsuke. The first sold at Bonhams, The Robert S. Huthart Collection of Iwami Netsuke Part I, 15 May 2019, London, lot 47. The second sold at Bonhams, The Harriet Szechenyi Sale of Japanese Art. 8 November 2011, London, lot 247. Schätzpreis 估價: € 7.000 Startpreis 起拍價: € 3.500 -

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Galerie Zacke
Titel: Fine Netsuke, Sagemono Auktion Freitag 27. März 2020 um 13 Uhr CET
Auktionsdatum: 27.03.2020
Adresse: Galerie Zacke
Mariahilferstr. 112 /1/10
1070 Wien
[email protected] · +43 1 5320452 · +43 1 532045220

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