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Presidential Autograph Collection, Early-to-Middle 20th Century

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Lot of 8, including: Taft, William Howard (1857-1930). 27th President of the United States (1909-13) and 10th Chief Justice of the United States (1921-30), the only person to hold both positions. A program for the Annual Banquet of the Chamber of Commerce of Glen Falls, New York, March 11, 1916, at which Taft was the keynote speaker, signed in pencil on the cover below an image of the former president. Wilson, Thomas Woodrow (1856-1924). 28th President of the United States (1913-21). A single 4" x 6" leaf removed from an autograph book, signed as president in black ink Woodrow Wilson / Washington, 10 Feb'y, 1915. (The verso side is autographed by Christine M. Haffenreffer, wife of a Rhode Island brewer, industrialist, and philanthropist Rudolf). Harding, Warren Gamaliel (1865-1923). 29th President of the United States (1921-23). A 5.25" x 7" fine quality letter sheet, signed in black ink, otherwise blank and accompanied by a matching envelope. Coolidge, John Calvin Jr. (1872-1933). 30th President of the United States (1923-29). An otherwise blank 3" x 5" note card signed in black ink, accompanied by a Keep Cool With Coolidge bumper sticker. Hoover, Herbert Clark (1874-1964). 31st President of the United States (1929-33). TLS on personal stationary, dated December 29, 1952, at Waldorf-Astoria Towers in New York, thanking an Allentown man for a kind letter, signed Herbert Hoover in blue ink. Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (1882-1945). 32nd President of the United States (1933-45). An otherwise blank octavo size leaf removed from a book, signed Franklin D. Roosevelt in black ink, accompanied by a 7" x 9" photograph with an original Associated Press typewritten caption attached to verso identifying it as FDR honoring ten War Production Board workers who independently suggested ideas which increased production. Truman, Harry S. (1884-1972). 33rd President of the United States (1945-1953). An otherwise blank 12mo size leaf removed from a book, folded to 3.25" x 6", signed in black ink, and accompanied by an 8.25" x 13.5" photograph of Truman among a large group of men in the Oval Office, dated May 1945 on verso. Eisenhower, Dwight David "Ike" (1890-1969). 34th President of the United States (1953-61). An 11" x 14" portrait signed best wishes / Dwight D Eisenhower in black marker at lower right, dated in ink on verso Former President D.D. Eisenhower / Gettysburg, PA 1961. Condition: Eisenhower's with a 4" vertical tear staring at the lower edge, not affecting the signature, reinforced with tap on verso.

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