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Auktion: Photography: The First 150 Years
wurde versteigert am: 9. März 2018
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Photography: The First 150 Years

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A collection of approximately 70 photographs and 200 negatives of surgical procedures, 1940s-1950s, the photographs taken by Andrew Quilliam, Senior Lecturer in Anatomy and Embryology, University College London, the surgical procedures given by male and female surgeons, some of the photographs presented in four small albums, images mostly 6 x 8cm but some larger One of the albums with approximately 30 photographs of surgical procedures is titled in manuscript 'An abridged collection of photographs taken in various departments of some of the hospitals which I have attended whilst a student 1940-1943'; a further album contains 20 photographs of surgical images titled 'UCH Obstetric Hospital': 1. Labour Ward, 2. Gynaecological Theatre... Gynaecological Ops by Miss Dearnley, Dr Bell, Dr Politzer; another album of 22 photographs of operations by Miss Barnes, Miss Dodds and others. One album in not annotated, but a good proportion of the negatives are identified. (a small carton)

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Titel: Photography: The First 150 Years
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