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Auktion: Auction 34 - The Arnie Druck Collections
wurde versteigert am: 20. November 2013
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Collection of Books and Booklets published by Benjamin Barlevy / Collection of Personal Documents and Sketches for Games

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56 books and booklets for children. Published by Benjamin Barlevy, Tel-Aviv. The collection includes: * illustrated children's books, amongst them: Aleph Bet, by Shlomo S[kolsky];Tiki-tuk-tuk the Green Dwarf, by S. Yarafael; HaHevraya, by A. Avrahami; Dubi, Ma'ase beGur Dubim; HaPil VeHaChayot; Haya Yeled Tov; Put Pa'ut; and more. Coloring books. * Two booklets with detachable letters. *Two Chess Study Books. * Additional books and booklets. Attached is a collection of personal documents and sketches for games by Benjamin Barlevy. The collection includes: Fifteen photographs (one of them features the showcase of Barlevy's shop); business cards and personal labels; four preliminary sketches of Barlevy games, drawn by hand; additions and corrections (possibly handwritten by Ze'ev Vilnay) to the board game "Tiyul BaAretz", the first game Barlevy published; a letter from Israel Idelssohn (Bar-Yehuda) from Yagur, complaining that Yagur does not appear on the game board of Tiyul BaAretz; three 1930s invoices from Barlevy's store on Allenby Street in Tel Aviv Total of 106 items. Various sizes and condition. From the collection of Arnie Druck.

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Auktionshaus: Kedem Auction House Ltd.
Titel: Auction 34 - The Arnie Druck Collections
Auktionsdatum: 20.11.2013
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