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Auktion: Auction 34 - The Arnie Druck Collections
wurde versteigert am: 20. November 2013
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Children’s Books with Black (Negro / Kushi) Characters

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Collection of illustrated children's books dealing with Blacks, written before the term "Kushi" (Negro) became a racial or politically incorrect term in the eyes of Israelis. [1940s-1960s]. Among the books: * Uncle Tom's Cabin. Five Hebrew translations of Harriet Beecher Stowe's book in various editions. * Kushish and his Nine Negro Brothers. Illustrations by Chanan Fisher. Rhymes by S. Meltzer. Published by Fisher, Tel Aviv, 1943. * HaPilim Ve HaKushim Naasu Lehaverim. Rhymes by Meir Farber. Illustrations by Ranai. [Tel Aviv, 1944]. * The adventures of little black Sambo and the Four Hungry Tigers, by Shimshon Meltzer (adapted from the English original). Published by Yehoshua Chechik, Tel Aviv, 1954. Color illustrations by L. [Ludwig] Walpert. * Asara Kushim Ktanim [Ten Little Niggers], picture book with rhymes, by Ruth Gerber. Published by Reuven Mass, Jerusalem (two copies). * Kushiya im Shimshiya. Illustrations by Miriam Bartov, story by Rina Shani. Published by Am Oved, 1963 (two copies). Total of 18 books. Varied size and condition. From the collection of Arnie Druck.

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Titel: Auction 34 - The Arnie Druck Collections
Auktionsdatum: 20.11.2013
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