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Auktion: Jewellery
wurde versteigert am: 19. März 2014
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An emerald and diamond-set group of jewellery

Schätzpreis: 5.000 £ - 7.000 £
ca. 8.309 $ - 11.633 $
Zuschlagspreis:  9.375 £
ca. 15.581 $
Los-Nr. 7, Aufrufe: 151

An emerald and diamond-set group of jewellery
An emerald and diamond-set group of jewellery Comprising a necklace, the alternating brilliant-cut diamond four-stone and square-cut emerald single-stone section to old brilliant-cut diamond connections suspending a detachable V-shaped front of floral and foliate design set with marquise-cut emeralds and brilliant and single-cut diamonds terminating in an old cushion-cut diamond pendant; together with a two-stone ring set with two circular cabochon emeralds; a second pendant necklace with two vacant central mounts between brilliant-cut diamond line sections, suspending an associated pear-shaped pendant, the pear-shaped emerald centre within a two row brilliant-cut diamond-set articulated surround; and a vacant brooch fitting, the cabochon emeralds, old brilliant-cut diamond connections and V-shaped front are all detachable and interchangable

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Christie's
Titel: Jewellery
Auktionsdatum: 19.03.2014
Adresse: Christie's
19 March 2014, London, South Kensington