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Auktion: Auction 09.12.1999
wurde versteigert am: 9. Dezember 1999
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An 18th-Century brass-cased compass

Schätzpreis: 300 £ - 400 £
ca. 484 $ - 645 $
Zuschlagspreis:  402 £
ca. 648 $
Los-Nr. 159, Aufrufe: 17

An 18th-Century brass-cased compass, with printed and coloured paper card, blued-iron needle with brass cap -- 3.3/8in. (8.6cm.) dia. ; a mahogany-cased pocket compass, the printed paper card with blued-iron needle, brass cap and gilt north and south points -- 3.1/8in. (7.9cm.) wide ; an oxidised-brass box sextant signed Elliott Brothers, London , with silvered scale, the drum-shaped cover forming the base, engraved Ram Henn No. 172 ; and a miniature atlas of the British Empire, being a reproduction from the original made for Her Majesty Queen Mary's doll house, by Edward Stanford London See Illustration (4)

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Christie's
Titel: Auction 09.12.1999
Auktionsdatum: 09.12.1999
Adresse: Christie's
London, South Kensington