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[Americana] Allaire, Peter Alexander

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[Americana] Allaire, Peter Alexander Mini-Archive New York, 1803-24. Mini-archive of seven items relating to New York merchant and purported British spy, Peter Alexander Allaire. Comprising his account book, dated 1803-05; three lease aggreements between Allaire and two New York City merchants, dated 1811-13; one partially printed appraisal document of Allaire's property, executed upon his death and signed by his children, George and Calicia Allaire, dated September 20, 1820; one MS. account book belonging to his son George Young Allaire, dated 1823-24; one copy of the quarterly magazine "Now and Then", April, 1948, containing Allaire's first person account of his arrest and imprisonment in the Bastille on suspicions of him being a spy for the British government. Peter Alexander Allaire (1740-1820) was a New York merchant infamously known for also being a British spy during the American Revolution. He was jailed in the Bastille in February 1780 for purportedly trying to poison Benjamin Franklin with tainted madeira (see Claude-Anne Lopez, "The Man Who Frightened Franklin"). Released in May of that year, he was expelled from France and eventually made his way back to the Colonies. After the war he moved his family to Canada with the assistance of the British government. His activities as a British agent continued into the 1790s, with attempts to foment unrest on the frontier by encouraging separatist movements. He returned to New York in the 1790s, resuming his activities as a merchant.

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