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Auktion: Sale EX209: Antiques and Interiors
wurde versteigert am: 5. Juni 2018
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A Small Collection of Jewellery To Include An Enamelled RAF Brooch, An '18K' Stamped Spray Brooch with Vacant Settings, A Carved Bakelite 'Frog' Dress Clip, An Insect Brooch and A Trinket Box, Contained in A Green Zip-lock Case

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ca. 294 $
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A small collection of jewellery to include an enamelled RAF brooch, an '18K' stamped spray brooch with vacant settings, a carved Bakelite 'frog' dress clip, an insect brooch and a trinket box, contained in a green zip-lock case.

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood
Titel: Sale EX209: Antiques and Interiors
Auktionsdatum: 05.06.2018
Adresse: Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood
Okehampton Street
St Edmund's Court
EX4 1DU Exeter
Großbritannien und Nordirland
[email protected] · +44 (0)1392 413100