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A rare Garrus incised pottery bowl possibly signed 'suleyman'

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A rare Garrus incised pottery bowl possibly signed 'suleyman' Persia, late 12th Century of deep slightly rounded form on a short foot, the white slip ground incised with two addorsed sphinxes with entwined tails, roundels containing flowerheads to their flanks, possible inscriptions to the wings, interspersed by scrolling tendrils and split-palmettes, a panel of pseudo kufic below, all under an ochre glaze 23.5 cm. diam. Fußnoten Provenance Christie's, Islamic Art, Indian Miniatures, Rugs and Carpets, 28-30 April 1992, lot 202. The bowl is a fine example of Garrus pottery and is comparable to one formerly in the Oscar Raphael Collection and now in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge (illustrated in Arthur Upham Pope, A Survey of Persian Art Oxford, 1939, pl. 617 B). The marks on the wings appear to be inscriptions, that on the left apparently reading 'Suleyman', and are reminiscent of hidden signatures on contemporary bowls from Aghkand.

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