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Auktion: Auction 27.04.2000
wurde versteigert am: 27. April 2000
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A Collection of British and Other Badges

Schätzpreis: 100 £ - 140 £
ca. 158 $ - 221 $
Zuschlagspreis:  161 £
ca. 254 $
Los-Nr. 57, Aufrufe: 65

A Collection of British and Other Badges Some 69 British cap-badges, mostly ORs' KC period, mainly infantry but some Corps etc., most badges lacking their fixings, a few damaged, and some repros; badges include examples of the Royal Irish Fusiliers Reserve Regiment (KK 1133) and the Royal Irish Regiment (QVC, KK 613), (both with lugs removed); approximately 42 British collar-badges, mostly ORs' KC period, mostly metal, nearly all with fixings removed; examples include an officer's badge of the Sherwood Foresters in silver-plate, gilt and enamel (complete with lugs), an officer's badge of the Dorsetshire Regiment (lacking lugs) and an officer's embroidered collar-badge of the Welsh Guards; ten Canadian Army badges (mostly KC period caps, but including a gilt collar-badge of the XXIV Vancouver Battalion CEF); and an RAF stable-belt with 11 ORs' badges stitched to it (all lacking fixings); a piece of green cloth bearing 8 embroidered badges, including one of QVC above crossed swords and bugle-horns, on scarlet backing, a Victorian Marksman's badge, etc; and approximately 180 buttons, mainly Royal Canadian Navy (black), brass GS, khaki plastic GS, brass RCAF and Canadian Forces, plus some 90 buttons of civil and miscellaneous organisations. (lot)

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Auktionshaus: Christie's
Titel: Auction 27.04.2000
Auktionsdatum: 27.04.2000
Adresse: Christie's
Spink London