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Auktion: CCA September 2018 Classic Car Sale - 14 th September 2018
wurde versteigert am: 14. September 2018
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1972 Jensen Interceptor MkIII 7.2 V8 Automatic

Schätzpreis: 0 £
Zuschlagspreis:  16.500 £
ca. 21.565 $
Los-Nr. 726, Aufrufe: 49

Offered for sale is a 7.2L 1973 Jensen Interceptor Mk III automatic . Coming with a partial history file, this lot's condition scores 68 / 135.
Interceptor ownership on a light budget with room for improvement... The Mark III had a revised grille and bumpers, redesigned seats, and GKN alloys Garnet paintwork generally well presented. Decent Magnolia interior Recent new floors and related metalwork Brakes refreshed with new parts where necessary. Carburettor rebuilt The consummate British GT. Lots of potential at this guide. Use and enjoy or restore completely

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: CCA Classic Car Auctions
Titel: CCA September 2018 Classic Car Sale - 14 th September 2018
Auktionsdatum: 14.09.2018
Adresse: CCA Classic Car Auctions
Banbury Road
The Forge, Harwoods House
CV35 0EP Ashorne Warwickshire
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