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Conrad, Joseph

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Conrad, Joseph AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED, TO EDWARD GARNETT discussing Fisher Unwin's refusal of Conrad's suggested terms for publishing a volume of stories, with the result that "as far as the Nigger is concerned I shall try to place it for serial publication with Henley or elsewhere", asking Garnett's advice about publishers and complaining that "I am (as the sailors say to express a state of painful destitution) 'I am sitting on my bare ass in the less scuppers' (Burn this letter, it's indecent!) but I am not frightened", 6 pages, 8vo, Stanford-le-hope, Essex, "Sunday", with autograph envelope post marked 25 October 1896, some slight creasing and small tears, lacking integral blank to second bifolium Conrad discussing his break with Unwin, his first publisher. For Edward Garnett, see note by lot 200.

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