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[Conrad, Joseph]

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[Conrad, Joseph] AN EXTENSIVE COLLECTION OF 200 VOLUMES OF WORKS ABOUT JOSEPH CONRAD, INCLUDING BIOGRAPHIES, PUBLISHED LETTERS, CRITICAL WORKS, SALE CATALOGUES, MEMOIRS, BIBLIOGRAPHIES AND OTHER WORKS, INCLUDING: Curle, Richard. Joseph Conrad in the East. [No place]: privately printed for the author, 1922, 4to, one of 21 copies, 4 leaves, stitched Symons, Arthur. Notes on Joseph Conrad. London: Myers, 1925, 4to, presentation copy inscribed by the author, original cloth, dust-jacket Jean-Aubry- G. Joseph Conrad. Life & Letters. London: Heinemann, 1927, 8vo, presentation copy inscribed by Jessie Conrad to Harold and Ada Goodburn, original cloth Wise, Thomas James A Conrad Library. London: Printed for private circulation, 1928, 4to, original buckram, later clamshell case, a very fine copy Conrad, Jessie. Joseph Conrad and his Circle. London: Jarrolds, 1935, 8vo, presentation copy inscribed by the author to Ethel E. Crawford and with a long MS transcription by her from an earlier work by Conrad, original cloth Curle, Richard. Caravansary and Conversation. Memories of places and persons. New York: Stokes, 1937, presentation copy inscribed by the author to Mildred Bliss with her Dumbarton Oakes book label, original cloth Cagle, William. Joseph Conrad: An unpublished bibliography. University of Indiana, [no date], folio, photocopied typescript, library cloth binding

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Titel: The Joseph Conrad Collection - Part II, from the Library of the late Stanley J. Seeger
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Adresse: Sotheby's