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Auktion: INTERIORS including Faringdon House, Oxfordshire
wurde versteigert am: 12. April 2018
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UTAMARO, Kitagawa (1753?-1806) Shiohi no tsuto [Gifts of the...

Schätzpreis: 4.000 £ - 6.000 £
ca. 5.695 $ - 8.542 $
Zuschlagspreis:  35.000 £
ca. 49.833 $
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UTAMARO, Kitagawa (1753?-1806). Shiohi no tsuto [Gifts of the Ebb Tide]. A beautifully illustrated collection of 18th-century Japanese poems. 27.2 x 19.5cm. An illustrated kyoka anthology, 1 volume (complete) with dark blue covers painted in gold with grasses and bands of mist, comprising 10 sheets, 1 preface sheet signed 'written by Chieda at the request of the Yaegaki poetry circle', 8 double-page illustrations printed with karazuri , mica and metallic dust, a total of thirty-six kyoka poems by thirty-six poets in the upper half of each illustration on the subject of the thirty-six different shells which appear below, one plate depicting women gathering shells on the beach, six plates of various shells and seaweed on the shore, and one of a princess and attendants playing the kai-awase (shell-matching) game in an interior, featuring gold paint applied to the clouds at the bottom of the folding screen as well as cut gold leaf and gold sand above, 1 postscript sheet signed Chieda followed by the colophon naming the illustrator as Gako Kitagawa Utamaro with seal Jisei Ikke and the publisher Koshodo (Tsutaya Juzaburo of Edo). [ And: ] 12 loose folded sheets with colour-printed representations of insects, by the same illustrator.

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Auktionshaus: Christie's
Titel: INTERIORS including Faringdon House, Oxfordshire
Auktionsdatum: 12.04.2018
Adresse: Christie's