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Auktion: Auction 25.10.1994
wurde versteigert am: 25. Oktober 1994
Aktuelle Auktionen Auktionspreisarchiv

A collection of miscellaneous items

Schätzpreis: 200 £ - 300 £
ca. 321 $ - 481 $
Zuschlagspreis:  660 £
ca. 1.060 $
Los-Nr. 126, Aufrufe: 141

A collection of miscellaneous items, comprising: a four-piece tea and coffee service, a circular cake stand, a pierced two-handled oval cake basket, a tapering cut glass claret jug, a collection of flatware including many German pieces, a pair of Russian tablespoons, 1874 , a Russian spoon with spiral-twist stem, a pair of Russian sugar tongs, an Austrian fiddle and thread pattern soup ladle, a mounted glass bowl, an Art Nouveau foliate-pierced trefoil bon-bon dish, an American two-handled bon-bon dish, and a collection of miscellaneous items including six silver pieces, comprising: an ovoid sugar caster with Celtic-style decoration, a vine-decorated goblet, a pierced shaped oval bon-bon dish, a pierced circular coaster, a bellied cream jug and a Mexican two-handled bowl and cover, import marks - weight of silver items 22oz. (a lot)

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Christie's
Titel: Auction 25.10.1994
Auktionsdatum: 25.10.1994
Adresse: Christie's
London, South Kensington