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A large collection of miscellaneous 18th- and 19th-century p...

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A large collection of miscellaneous 18th- and 19th-century pamphlets contained in 25 volumes, 8°, bound in contemporary calf and half calf, including
A large collection of miscellaneous 18th- and 19th-century pamphlets contained in 25 volumes, 8°, bound in contemporary calf and half calf, including: The French Bite: or, a True and Genuine Narrative of the Exploit and Transactions of the Marquis Dul-Bruce, during his Six-Weeks Residence in England ... attended with a gay and numerous retinue ... Likewise his several Intrigues and Amours with the Ladies of the Town ... The Whole taken from the Mouth of one of his French Domesticks, whom he left in the Lurch, when he made his precipitate Retreat. London: W. Webb (and others), [1749]. 31 pages (cropped at foot). Provenance : Thomas Walpole (armorial bookplate). RARE. Only 2 copies listed in ESTC, one at Trinity College Cambridge, the other at Yale. No copy in the British Library. XENOPHON (c.430-c.355 BC). The Science of Good Husbandry: or, The Oeconomics of Xenophon. Shewing the Method of Ruling and Ordering a Family, and of Managing a Farm to the best Advantage, translated by R. Bradley. London: Thomas Corbet, 1727. 131 pages (some dampstaining). Goldsmiths' 6511. [BROWN, Isaac Hawkins (1705-60)]. A Pipe of Tobacco. In Imitation of Six Several Authors. The Third Edition. London: W. Bickerton, 1744. 21 pages. Foxon B523. NEWTON, Isaac (1643-1727). Two Letters of Sir Isaac Newton to Mr. Le Clerc. London: Printed for J. Payne, 1754. 123 pages and 1-page advertisement. A Description of the English and French territories in North America ... Shewing all the Encroachments of the French, with their Forts, and Usurpations on the English Settlements; and the Fortifications of the Latter. Dublin: J. Exshaw, 1755. 28 pages (without the map). PALAIRET, Jean (1697-1774). Description Abrégé des Possessions Angloises et Françoises du Continent Septentrional de l' Amérique, Pour servir d' Explication à la Carte publiée sous ce mëme Titre. London, Dublin [etc]: Chez Messrs. J. Nourse (and many others), 1755. 62 pages (without the map). [HILL, John (?1714-75)]. A Method of Producing Double Flowers from Single, by a Regular Course of Culture. London: R. Baldwin, 1758. 8 fine folding engraved plates, 40 pages. [LLOYD, Charles (1735-73)]. A True History of a Late Short Administration. London: J. Almon, 1766. Printed mostly in double column with parallel text, one column headed "A Short Account ...", the other headed "A True History," 22 pages, the title inscribed in a contemporary hand, "By Charles Lloyd - the account by Mr Burke." (Illustrated.) Sabin 41681. MARTIN, Benjamin (1704-82). An Appendix to the Description of the Globes. London: for the Author, 1766. Folding engraved frontispiece, 78-pages and 2-page postcript. [BURKE, Edmund (1729-97)]. Observations on a Late State of the Nation ... the Fourth Edition. London: J. Dodsley, 1769. 155 pages. KENTISH, Richard (1730-92). An Essay on Sea-Bathing, and the Internal Use of Sea-Water. London: J. Murray, 1787. 71 pages. (Illustrated.) A Concise Statement of the Question regarding the Abolition of the Slave Trade. Fourth edition. London: J. Hatchard (and others), 1807. 108 pages. (25)

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