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Auktion: Old Master Paintings
wurde versteigert am: 23. Oktober 2019
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Zahir Faryabi, Divan, Persian poetry, copied by the scribe 'Abd al-Jabbar Isfahani, a pupil of Mir 'Imad

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Zahir Faryabi, Divan, Persian poetry, copied by the scribe 'Abd al-Jabbar Isfahani, a pupil of Mir 'Imad Persia, dated Ramadan 1026/September-October 1617 Persian manuscript in prose and verse on gilt-sprinkled paper, 172 leaves, 14 lines to the page written in two columns of elegant nasta'liq script in black ink, double intercolumnar rules in gold, inner margins ruled in red, blue and gold, illuminated rectangular panels in colours and gold, two illuminated headpieces in colours and gold, prose preface at beginning, remargined, some waterstaining mostly restricted to the last few folios, covers of stamped gilt morocco decorated with intertwining floral and vegetal motifs and Chinese cloudbands, trimmed and rebacked, doublures of brown morocco with stamped central medallions with gilt filigree now missing, on a blue ground 272 x 185 mm. Fußnoten 'Abd al-Jabbar Isfahani was as a pupil of Mir 'Imad and a skilled calligrapher. His recorded works are dated between AH 1020/AD 1611-12 and AH 1041/AD 1631-32. (See M. Bayani, ahval va athar-e khosh-navisan, nasta'liq navisan, vol. 2, 1346 sh, pp. 366-367). A copy by him of the Gulistan of Sa'di, dated AH 1043/AD 1633-34 is in the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin (see A. J. Arberry (ed.), The Chester Beatty Library: a catalogue of the Persian Manuscripts and Miniatures, Dublin 1962, pp. 43-44, no. 272). There is a crude seal impression of a certain Kalb'ali on the opening page.

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Titel: Old Master Paintings
Auktionsdatum: 23.10.2019
Adresse: Bonhams London
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