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World War I and World War II Artwork, Including We've Made A Monkey Out of You! Hitler Poster by J. H. King

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Lot of five, includes: One possibly original pen and ink sketch by Marshall Mitchell, approx. 9.5 x 11 in., depicting bombs falling and exploding all around a tomb marked "Unknown Soldier, 1918." Drawing captioned at bottom, "Died in Vain," and signed and inscribed at lower right by Marshall Mitchell. One printed World War I poster by Uruguayan-born American artist Francis Luis Mora (1874-1940), 21 x 11 in. Morale Hastens Victory. N.d., ca 1918. Poster features illustration of a soldier on horseback, with other soldiers holding up bayonets below, facing a mountainous landscape. Text below title reads, "Back up the Boys Over There / Y.M.C.A. - Y.W.C.A. - National Catholic War Council - K. of C. - Jewish Welfare Board - War Camp Community Service - American Library Association - Salvation Army - / United War Work Campaign November 11th - 18th." Poster features printed signature, "F Luis Mora" in lower right corner. One printed World War II poster by J. H. King, 15 x 20 in. We've Made A Monkey Out of You! U. S. Government Printing Office, 1943. Poster features a depiction of Adolf Hitler as an organ grinder's monkey, performing for coins as Uncle Sam grinds the organ, England's John Bull and Russia's Joseph Stalin look on and laugh at the scene, China's Chiang Kai-Shek tosses coins to the monkey, and the U.S. Capitol looms in the background. Illustration in red, white, blue, gray, and black colors. One printed French poster, 23.5 x 35 in., appearing to be anti-Palestinian, featuring text reading "assassins palestiniens / nazis / même combat" above an illustration of an armed Nazi behind a frightened-looking young Jewish boy with his hands raised in submission. The illustration is taken from or based off of a famous Holocaust photograph of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto surrendering after the uprising. Poster imprinted "Cite-Impression" along lower right edge. Some ripping and tearing at edges, with partial separation at vertical crease and crease intersection. One brightly-colored World War II print, 9.5 x 11.75 in. (sight), titled on verso "MacArthur in Australia" by renowned Polish-Jewish artist Arthur Szyk, Esquire (1894-1951), dated 1942. Illustration features a heroic-looking, General Macarthur stepping and pointing forward in a field with soldiers, maps, and the machinery of war all around. Some planes are flying toward the enemy, while others are crashing and burning in the distance. An Imperial Japanese Army Officer's hat lies in the foreground at MacArthur's feet, along with a sword and a partially visible stick of bamboo. One lithograph, approx. 10.5 x 13.75 in. (sight) "Die Wacht am Rhein." "Vaterland." Detroit: The Calvert Lith Co., n.d. Poster features a German soldier standing on a cliff, gazing out at the landscape as a red, white, and blue striped flag reading "Schultz's Vaterland Seife" waves behind him. An old castle sits in the background, and a village is visible across the river below the cliff. The title seems to refer to a popular patriotic German anthem, roughly translated, "The Watch/Guard on the Rhine," which became most popular during the Franco-Prussian and First World War. Poster has a gromet hole at top center.

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