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Auktion: 2-Day Antiques & Collectables - 1st & 2nd April
wurde versteigert am: 2. April 2016
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Winston Churchill Art Deco Longcase - a

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Winston Churchill Art Deco Longcase - a late 1940's/ early 1950's Art Deco HAC 3 weight musical longcase striking on bars, the movement marked ' P112', with silvered and signed dial, chromium 1-12 ,minute markers and black 13-24 all numbers in Arabic Numerals, three brushed bronze effect cased weights and housed in a walnut case.76" high x 23" wide Whilst no written provenance exists the following can be said; It was bought from Scobie Breesley 1914-2006 (Australian Jockey and then trainer) with the property, Wendover House Training Stables, which formerly belonged to Walter Nightingall (Epsom trainer). The clock was a gift from Winston Churchill ,for training his successful racehorses. Winston Churchill's early life had always had an interest in horses, which began with his military career as a cavalry officer, and his days off duty playing polo, in which WSC was proficient. He was still playing the game into his fifties, and "riding to hounds" in his seventies. Churchill firstly acquired Colonist II in 1949 after losing the 1946 election encouraged by his son-in-law Christopher Soames . Colonist and several other distinguished Churchill horses won seventy-one races worth $168,000 (about $1.5 million in today's money). Colonist himself was injured in 1951 and auctioned off for stud-something Churchill had hitherto manfully resisted: "To stud? And have it said that the Prime Minister of Great Britain is living off the immoral earnings of a horse?" Colonist II was greatly liked by the British Public and some say that the horse help WSC win the 1951 election Walter Nightingall (1895-1968) counted Dorothy Paget and Churchill as his major associations. WSC had his most successful wins with Colonist II, Welsh Abbott and Tudor Monarch amongst others.

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