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William Spratling (American, 1900-1944) Mexican Silver Pins and Other Bird Jewelry

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Lot of 10, includes two William Spratling stylized bird brooches, hallmark dates ca 1940-1949, length 1.25 in. x width 1.5 in; PLUS Los Castillo bird brooch, hallmarked "onix negro", silver accented by onyx inlay, hallmark ca 1955-1970's, length 2 in. x width 0.75 in.; PLUS Los Castillo Pluma Azteca bird earrings, stylized bird with geometric designs, inlaid with Pluma Azteca feather, hallmark ca 1950's-1970's, length 2.25 in. x width 1.25 in. each; PLUS Enrique Ledesma silver inlaid abstract bird screw-back earrings, turquoise and obsidian inlay, length 1.5 in. x width 1 in.; PLUS Matilde Poulat sterling silver and turquoise bird screw-back earrings, floral design throughout, each bird with a small turquoise stone set as the eye, sizes differ, bird with lighter eye length 1 in. x width 1 in., bird with darker turquoise eye length 1.125 in. x width 1.25 in.; PLUS Francisco Rivero bird brooch, linear elements throughout the piece, hallmarked, length 1.75 in. x width 1.25 in.; PLUS silver bird brooch, bird perched on two flowers with lovely long tail feathers, hallmarked, length 2.5 in. x width 1 in.; PLUS silver bird brooch and matching screw-back earrings with large turquoise stone in center, simple silhouette, turquoise on brooch light in color, darker turquoise on earrings, length 2.125 in. x width 1.75 in.; AND silver bird head brooch with circular designs on each end, bird head is geometrical with large rectangular beak, length 1 in. x width 2 in. mid-20th century Condition: Spratling bird brooches good condition; Los Castillo bird brooch, slightly oxidized on pin hinges; Los Castillo Pluma Azteca earrings, missing earring on both pieces, feather missing in portions of inlay on both pieces; Enrique Ledesma earrings, portions of stone inlay missing, earring clips slightly bent; Matilde Poulat earrings, ear clips slightly bent; Francisco Rivera brooch, missing pin; Flower and bird brooch, pin slightly bent; Silver bird brooch with large turquoise stone, missing pin, oxidation on pin hinges; Geometrical bird head brooch, pin is slightly bent, large circle on left side of bird's head is dented.

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