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Auktion: Fine watches
wird versteigert am: 22. Mai 2021
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Watches Rolex ROLEX, Oyster Perpetual

Schätzpreis: 70.000 SEK
ca. 8.101 $
Los-Nr. 1, Aufrufe: 28

Watches Rolex ROLEX, Oyster Perpetual Date, GMT-Master (Swiss), Chronometer, s.c. "Swiss Only Dial", Ref no. 16700, Serial no. A757892, Cal 3175, Movement no. 3 8290030, Case no. 16700, men´s wristwatch, 40 mm, steel, self winding, sapphire crystal (notch), date, 24-hour indicator, Jubilee bracelet, folding clasp, Ref no. 62510H-U9/502 B, certificate, December 1999, box, paper box. Detailed information Buyers should have in mind that watches that are more than five years old can be in need of an overhaul. Please ask us about the objects before you place your bid. Condition

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Titel: Fine watches
Auktionsdatum: 22.05.2021
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