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Auktion: Auktion 20.02.2016
wurde versteigert am: 20. Februar 2016
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Waldron West, 1904-1994 Some Characters

Schätzpreis: 5.000 £ - 10.000 £
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Los-Nr. 220, Aufrufe: 13

Waldron West, 1904-1994 Some Characters Seen At Cheltenham on Gold Cup Day 1950 Oil on canvas Signed List of characters from left to right: 1) Peter Payne - Gallwey, (Trainer and steward) 2) Phil Bull, (Racehorse owner and founder of the Timeform system of handicapping horses) 3) Sir Winston Churchill. 4) Lady Spencer Churchill 5) Harry Wragg, (Racehorse owner and jockey) 6) Keith Piggott, (Jockey, trainer, father of jockey Lester Piggott) 7) Anne Duchess of Westminster, (owner of racehorses incl Arkle) 8) Frenchie Nicholson, (Trainer and founder of a jockey school) 9) Princess Elizabeth (Now Queen Elizabeth) 10 Sir Cecil Boyd -Rochfort, (Trainer of horses for British royal family) 11) Ian Balding, (Trainer) 12) Dorothy Paget, (racehorse owner) 13) Sir Noel Murless, (Trainer) 14) Charlie Smirke, (Jockey) 15) Ann Smirke, (The jockey's wife) 16) Dan O'Brien, (Trainer and father of the late Vincent O'Brien) 17) Barry Fitzgerald, ( Irish actor- The Quiet Man) 18) Arthur Shields (Irish actor- brother of Barry Fitzgerald) 19) JP Donleavy, (Irish - American author or [poss his father Pat Donleavy 20) Prince Monalulu (A famous turban wearing racing tipster) 21) Princess Monalulu (his partner) 22) Pat Gray, (Tipperary farmer and race goer) 23) Annie Hickman (Wife of pat Gray) 24) Grania Cazenove (owner of a Tipperary stud farm) 25) Waldron West, (The artist disguised as a policeman) 26) Herbert Blagrave (Trainer) 27) Mrs Herbert Blagrave.

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Titel: Auktion 20.02.2016
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