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Auktion: Auction 12.10.2018
wurde versteigert am: 12. Oktober 2018
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Very large collection of postcards

Schätzpreis: 400 € - 500 €
ca. 461 $ - 576 $
Zuschlagspreis:  n. a.
Los-Nr. 282, Aufrufe: 13

Very large collection of postcards. Mostly first half of the 20th c. and later. Partially photographical, b/w & coloured, blank or written, with or without stamps. Partly carefully kept in an album ad hoc, folio size, cover decorated with flowers (loose, spine gone), partly classified topographically in wooden trays. Collection in a good condition. Album with a great number of decorative cards: mostly first half 20th c. New Year and Easter cards, cartoons, children cards, quite a lot of portraits of young nice girls sending greetings, flowers, some cards of theaters or actresses (théâtre Marigny, Maud Loty, etc.), +/- iconographical cards concerning Northern and Western Africa (Alger, Sénégal). To notice: some cards printed on a mother-of-pearl paper, some gold heightened. - Iconographical postcards, mostly written and stamped, mostly of European touristical sites, carefully classified per city. Germany (i.a. Berlin, Breslau, Coblenz, Dresden, Feldberg, Oberwissenthal, etc.), Belgium (Aalst, Asse, Ciergnon, Coxyde, Huy, Mariembourg etc.), Bulgarie, Italie (Venice, Tremezzo, ...), France (Abbeville, Alençon, Biarritz, Colmar, Dax, Roubaix, ...), Switzerland (Basel, Chur, Sankt Moritz, ...), some concerning art, a box full of cards still to be classified. - Iconographical souvenir albums with hundreds of postcards, engravings, photographs, from or concerning France (Paris, Puy de Dôme, Lautaret, Hyères, St. Malo, Arles, ...), Belgium (Ghent, Bouillon, La Roche, Vallée de la Meuse, Brussels "Façades bruxelloises anciennes démolies au cours des années et 1911", + Historical souvenirs "after the war" in Dixmude, Ypres, Kemmelberg, the ruins of Nieuport), Holland (Amsterdam), Italy (very colourful views of Firenze, Napoli,Capri, Milano, Pompei), Algeria, Jerusalem, Cairo, Switzerland, Caucasus. We join: Some chromolithographs, businesscard size, many in goldpaint. Publicity cards of Liebig (126), Chocolat Antoine (featuring the postmen of a great number of countries with their flag and facsimile of stamps), chocolats Suchard, Planteur, Wauters, Neuhaus, the Maison du Blanc, Amidon Delmotte, etc. Some items: history of America, Portugal, Saladin, printing, fauna of Congo: birds, insects, cats, anthropology, etc. - 7 detailed maps, various sizes, mounted on linen and fold. Edited in Brussels, by the Inst. of military cartography, I.a. Waterloo, Anderlecht, Brussels, Amberloup, Nassogne, Wibrin etc. - Forêt de Soignes (3 maps), Brussels, Société Belge de Photographie, s.d. - Carte routière de Belgique et du Grand Duché de Luxembourg. Brussels, Patesson, - Wandelkaart van 's Gravenhage en omstreken. Den Haag, Smulder, s.d.

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Titel: Auction 12.10.2018
Auktionsdatum: 12.10.2018
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