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Verner Panton, Fabricius & Kastholm, Kjærholm, Utzon a.o.: “Mobilia”. Eight variants with articles and ads. on design and exhibitions, 1963–1975. (8)

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“Mobilia”. Eight selected versions of the magazine with articles and advertisements on furniture, design, handicrafts, lighting and exhibitions during the period 1963–1973. Danish, English, German and French text. Format 26 × 26 cm. (8) Mobilia 1963–75: No. 101. Dec. 1963: Poul Kjærholm at Bromanders in Stockholm. Seven Swedish and seven Finnish architects. No. 128. Mar. 1966: Cologne Furniture Fair 1966, Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm at Kill at Cologne Furniture Fair. The future of Norwegian furniture. No. 144. July. 1967: New furniture by Jørn Utzon EXPO 67. Jacob Hull's jewelry. No. 151. Feb. 1968: Cologne Furniture Fair 1968, Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm at Kill. Verner Panton Bayer-Ship. Swedish furniture fair in Stockholm. No. 174/175. Jan./Feb. 1970: Verner Panton Visiona 2, Bayer-Schiff. Jørgen Kastholm, new furniture at Kill. Luigi Colani furniture. Margit & Erik Brandt. Gudbrandsdalens Woolware Factory. No. 176. Mar. 1970: Furniture taken out of production. New chair by Poul Kjærholm Sisse Werner & Leif Alring, “Formland” lamps. No. 201. Apr. 1972: New furniture by Jørgen Kastholm. Verner Panton “Pantonova”. Henning Koppel at Design Museum Denmark. Westnofa and Vatne Lenestolfabrikk, Norway. Lammhults, Sweden. Hjort's ceramic factories. No. 236. Mar. 1975. Special nummer with 58 pages on Verner Panton's design.

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