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Auktion: Grantham Collective Sale
wurde versteigert am: 17. August 2016
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Various bygones Various bygones

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Various bygones Various bygones, collectables, etc., to include a Blue John bowl 7cm wide, polished eggs, mother of pearl nacre style shell, miniature bottles, enamel box, carved lion figure, polished figure, a small quantity of silks, unfinished purse, a small quantity of costume jewellery, wristwatches, Avia,etc On initial inspection the bowl has a double chip repair to rim.

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Golding Young & Mawer
Titel: Grantham Collective Sale
Auktionsdatum: 17.08.2016
Adresse: Golding Young & Mawer
Spalding Road
The Bourne Auction Rooms
PE10 9LE Bourne Lincolnshire
Großbritannien und Nordirland
[email protected] · +44 (0) 1778 422686 · +44 (0)1778 425726