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Auktion: Antique Arms & Armour
wurde versteigert am: 23. Juli 2008
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Two Turkish Yataghans Both 19th Century

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The first with slightly recurved single-edged blade with narrow fuller along the back on each side, both sides damascened in silver with foliate panels (worn) enclosing Arabic calligraphy along one side, almost certainly the owner's and maker's names, the forte on one side deeply struck with bladesmith's mark, and iron hilt with characteristic 'eared' walrus-ivory grip-scales (repaired, one ear reduced), in later wooden scabbard covered in green velvet with silver locket and chape embossed with foliage, the latter with monsterhead finial; the second with similar blade damascened in gold with foliate panels on each side, either side of a panel containing Arabic calligraphy, probably the owner's and maker's names, a shaped panel either side of the forte en suite, and gold-damascened hilt (repair) with 'eared' walrus-ivory grip-scales, in its wooden scabbard covered in black leather with white-metal locket and chape each engraved with wrigglework (2) 56 cm. and 53.5 cm. blades

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Titel: Antique Arms & Armour
Auktionsdatum: 23.07.2008
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