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Two Replica Rara microscopes

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Two Replica Rara microscopes
Two Replica Rara microscopes, the Edinburgh Wilson Screw-Barrel Microscope of circa 1750, engraved for W.R. Fecit , the eyepiece in a wooden collar atop the lacquered-brass barrel and specimen holder, with finescrew focusing, supported via a brass tripod with unusual oval-shaped mirror, with five bead glass objectives numbered I-V , a lieberkuhn, two ivory sliders, tweezers, and specimen holder with lens attachment, the mahogany case with three drawers, escutcheon and key and ring carrying handle -- 28cm. (11in.) high ; and the Cuff Microscope of circa 1757, engraved for J. CUFF Londini & Fecit , the lacquered-brass body-tube fixed via a short limb to the side-pillar with sliding and fine screw focusing with screw clamp, cruciform stage, concave mirror and scroll support at the base, atop a mahogany plinth with drawer, with six bead objectives, a lieberkuhn and sleeve, a frog plate, a sprung stage, two ivory sliders, a cone, a black/white disc and other items, the pyramid mahogany case with drawer at base and fascimile of John Cuff's trade card and key-hole, key and carrying handle -- 47cm. (18½in.) high (2)

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Auktionshaus: Christie's
Titel: Scientific, Medical and Engineering Works of Art and Natural History
Auktionsdatum: 25.10.2006
Adresse: Christie's
25 October 2006, London, South Kensington