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Two firmans of Nasr al-Din Shah Qajar (reg. 1848-96), conferring the First and Second Class of the Order of the Lion and Sun on Amedée Outrey, Persian translator at the French Embassy in Constantinople Qajar Persia, dated AH 1277/AD 1860 and AH 1283/...

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Persian manuscript on paper, the first on blue paper with four lines of text in nasta'liq script in black ink, seal impression of the Shah at top alongside his tughra in gold and his personal signature at upper left, folded, French note verso; the second on cream paper with five lines of text in nasta'liq script, seal impression, tughra and personal signature as before, both with seal impression verso 442 x 343 mm.; 440 x 352 mm.(2)

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Titel: Islamic and Indian Art Including The Lion and the Sun, Art from Qajar Persia
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