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Trumpet for Announcing the Commencement of Shabbat – Haifa

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Trumpet for announcing the commencement of Shabbat. Haifa, [ca.1940s]. Trumpet (blurred maker's mark, "Tel-Aviv"). From the days of the Second Temple it was customary to announce the commencement of Shabbat on Friday evening by blowing a Shofar or a trumpet. In Haifa, starting in the 1920s, this custom was resumed. In the earlier days, a carriage traveled the city bearing a flag “Remember the Shabbat to keep it Holy”. In the 1940s the carriage was replaced by a taxi, and young boys were driven through the neighborhoods, blowing the trumpet to announce the commencement of Shabbat. The trumpet presented here was used for this purpose, see photo. Length: 55 cm. Good condition. Bendings.

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