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Auktion: Les Grandes Marques à Monaco
wurde versteigert am: 10. Mai 2008
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Totally restored by Ets. Lecoq in 1993 1935 Mercedes-Benz 200 W21 40cv. Landaulet Chassis no. 138908

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Introduced in 1932, the 200 was the second of designer Hans Nibel’s new models that would form the mainstay of Mercedes-Benz production in the difficult Depression years of the mid-1930s. Creator of the legendary 200 horsepower ‘Blitzen Benz’, Nibel had taken over responsibility as Technical Director of Daimler-Benz on 1st January 1929, having shared the post with Ferdinand Porsche since the amalgamation of Daimler and Benz in June 1926. The first of Nibel’s new line, the 170, had appeared in 1931. Although outwardly of conservative appearance, the 170 incorporated a new chassis featuring all-independent suspension, shared with Mercedes-Benz’s rear-engined models, that set new standards of ride comfort and safety. It was also competitively priced for a six-cylinder car and suited the prevailing market conditions, being compact and economical yet constructed to Mercedes-Benz’s traditionally high standards. The 1,692cc, four-bearing, sidevalve engine produced 32bhp and drove via a three-speed manual gearbox equipped with an overdrive economy gear. Constructed along essentially similar lines, the 200 was powered by a 2.0-litre version of the dependable sidevalve six producing 40bhp, an output good enough for a top speed of around 100km/h (62mph). The 200 would prove even more popular than its outstandingly successful smaller progenitor, some 15,600 being sold up to the end of production in 1936. The Mercedes-Benz 200 we offer is the sole landaulet-bodied version known to exist – even the famous Mercedes-Benz Museum Collection in Stuttgart does not possess an example with this type of coachwork. This particular car remained in France after the end of WW2. Requisitioned by the French authorities and subsequently sold into private ownership, it has enjoyed only four owners since and was restored in 1993 by the previous (third) owner. The concours-standard rebuild was entrusted to respected pre-war Mercedes marque specialists Lecoq, of St Ouen, whose invoices relating to the work are on file. A mere 12,700 kilometres have been covered since restoration and the car remains in commensurately excellent condition. Offered with ASI and FIVA papers. Cette Mercedes-Benz 200 carrossée en landaulet est la seule connue au monde et le Musée Mercedes-Benz de Stuttgart n’en possède pas. La voiture abandonnée en France après la fin de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, réquisitionnée par les autorités françaises et vendue par la suite n’a eu que quatre propriétaires depuis cette époque. Elle a été restaurée par le troisième en 1993. Cette reconstruction au niveau concours fut confiée au réputé spécialiste de la marque Lecoq à St-Ouen dont les factures figurent au dossier de la voiture. La voiture n’a parcouru que 12 700 km depuis sa restauration et, conservée en excellente condition, elle est proposée avec ses papiers ASI et FIVA.

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Bonhams London
Titel: Les Grandes Marques à Monaco
Auktionsdatum: 10.05.2008
Adresse: Bonhams London
Monte Carlo

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