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Thirty-two Modern Art and Photography Book and Magazine TitlesThirty-two Modern Art and Photography Book and Magazine Titles

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Thirty-two Modern Art and Photography Book and Magazine Titles, Susan Sontag: On Photography; In Focus: André Kertész Photographs from the J. Paul Getty Museum; Bernd und Hilla Becher Grundformen, Schirmer's Visuelle Biliothek; A User's Guide to the View Camera, Jim Stone; Evidence, Luc Sante; Photographing in the Studio, Gary Kolb; Lorna Simpson For the Sake of the Viewer; Joel-Peter Witkin, Forty Photographs, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Carol Westwood Selected Works 1974-1996, signed copy; See magazine, a journal of visual culture, Issue 2:1; Linda Connor Spiral Journey, (sun fading to cover); Richard Misrach 1979, Grapestake Gallery, San Francisco; Hiroshi Sugimoto Memories in Black and White, exhibition catalogue, MOCA; Sally Mann At Twelve, Portraits of Young Women, introduction by Ann Beattie; From Uncertain to Blue, Photographs by Keith Carter introduction by Horton Foote; POL, Dorte Eissfeldt, Nazraeli Press; The Sky, Mystery, Magic, and Myth, Jean-Pierre Verdet; The Tao of Symbols, James N. Powell; Art & Lies, Jeanette Winterson; Karl Blossfeldt Photographs, Taschen; Noa Noa, Paul Gauguin translated by O.F. Theis; Gauguin's Intimate Journals, Dover Press; Karl Blossfeldt Art Forms in the Plant World, Dover Press; Skeleton, Eyewitness Books; Amphigorey Also, Edward Gorey; Criticizing Photographs, An Introduction to Understanding Images, Terry Barrett; three issues of Blind Spot Photography magazine: No. 2-4, and three issues of Aperture: 125, "Photography as Drawing," 136, "Metamorphoses: Photography in the Electronic Age," and 138, "On Location."

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