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Thirty-two miniature books from various "H" through "K" publishers.

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Title: Thirty-two miniature books from various "H" through "K" publishers. Author: Place: Various places Publisher: Date: Various dates Description: 32 miniature books from various publishers including the Hanover Fitz Press, Kaycee Press, Kitemaug Press, Kurbel Books, and others. Includes: [Hanover Fitz Press]. Carroll, Lewis. The Pig-Tale. (2 copies). 1983. [Ha'Penny Press]. Le Petit La Fontaine. (2 copies). 1987. [Hoffman, Richard]. Weber, Francis J. Angels Flight. 1988. [Hurley, H.H.]. Melville, Herman. A Thought on Book-Binding. 1981. [Impressions Press]. The Highwayman and Other Poems. (4 copies). 1994. [Irwin, Eleanor]. Irwin, Eleanor. Incunabulum. 1986. [Kaycee Press]. Levitan, Kalman L. Tongues of Flame. (2 copies). 1989. [Kaycee Press]. Levitan, Kalman. The People of the Little Book. 1983. [Kennedy, B.] Pater Noster. 2000. [Kinoike Press]. Kochan, Bernice. The Little Book of Hawaiian Flowers. (4 copies). 1964. [Kitemaug Press]. Moore, Clement C. A Visit From Saint Nicholas. 1973. [Kitemaug Press]. The Strawberry Story. 1972. [Kitemaug Press]. Anderson, Frank. Fryin' Pan. 1977. [Kitemaug Press]. 6 and 8 Point Type Specimens. (2 copies). 1976. [Kitemaug Press]. A Printer's Zoo. 1977. [Kitemaug Press]. The Woodpecker Husband. (Detached from binding). 1967. [Kitemaug Press]. Kitemaug Mini-Posters Number Two. 1972. [Klein Oot Press]. [Title unknown]. Wishbone on front, broken but book still unopened. [Kurbel Books]. Beau's Beauties. (3 copies, 2 in faux-leather boards and paper slipcases, 1 in embroidered cloth in (broken) plastic case. 1985. [Kurbel Books]. Curran, Joseph L. King Ludwig II. 1990. 32 volumes, including duplicates. Lot Amendments Condition: Minor wear; fine overall. Item number: 276568

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