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Thirty-two Books on Japanese Art and ArchitectureThirty-two Books on Japanese Art and Architecture

Schätzpreis: 75 $ - 125 $
Zuschlagspreis:  49 $
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Thirty-two Books on Japanese Art and Architecture, Terukazu, Japanese Painting; Smith, Japanese Art: Masterpieces in the British Museum; Roberts, Dictionary of Japanese Artists; Self, Japanese Art Signatures; Bowie (ed.), On the Laws of Japanese Painting, Dover reprint; Society of Friends of Eastern Art, Index of Japanese Painters; Kiej'e, Japanese Grotesqueries; Momiyama, Sumi-e; Bowie, Drawings of Hokusai; New Orleans Museum of Art, Myriad of Autumn Leaves: Gitter Collection; Hickman, Paintings of Jakuchu; Addiss, Japanese Eccentric: Three Arts of Murase Taiitsu; Hickman, Painters of the Edo Period; Fontein, Zen Painting and Calligraphy; Barnet and Burto, Zen Ink Paintings; Levine, Awakenings: Zen Figure Painting in Medieval Japan; Forrer, Drawings of Utagawa Kuniyoshi; Kondo, Japanese Genre Painting; Honolulu Academy of Arts, Art of Shibata Zeshin; Tsunoda (et al.), Sources of the Japanese Tradition; Rosenfield, Japanese Art of the Heian Period; Metropolitan Museum of Art, Momoyama; Hickman, Japan's Golden Age: Momoyama; Yomiuri Shimbun of Japan, Words in Motion: Modern Japanese Calligraphy; Bing, Japon Artistique; Cleveland Museum of Art, Japonisme: Japanese Influence of French Art; Wichmann, Japonisme; Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Japan of the Shoguns; Shosoin Office (ed.), Treasures of the Shosoin; Arts of Asia, Treasures of the Tokugawa issue; Yashiro, 2000 Years of Japanese Art; and UNESCO, Japan: Ancient Buddhist Paintings.

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