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The Victoria Cross – A Rare and Unique Collection of Approximately Forty Five Original …

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The Victoria Cross - A Rare and Unique Collection of Approximately Forty Five Original Signatures of Great War and Late 19th Century Victoria Cross Recipients presented in a autograph album, mostly signed to directly to pages, many with period related newspaper cuttings we would suggest collected at a re-union of the recipients during the 1920's, including Private F.W.O. Potts V.C. (Reading Berkshire) Yeomanry - On the Gallipoli Peninsula in August 1915 remained for 48 hours under the Turkish trenches with a soldier who was severely wounded. Finally made a sledge of a shovel and dragged the man to safety Private William Ratcliffe V.C. (Liverpool) South Lancashire Regt - Captured a machine-gun position and bayoneted the crew, bringing the gun back into action in the front line Corporal Amey V.C., M.M. (Leamington) Royal Warwickshire Regt. - On his own initiative led his section against a machine-gun nest under heavy fire and captured 50 prisoners and several machine guns. Later, single handed attacked machine gun posts and captured 20 more prisoners. Sergt-Major John Williams V.C. (Ebbw Vale) South Wales Borderers - After capturing 15 of the enemy ad a machine gun, they realised that he was alone and rushed him but he broke away and bayoneted five of them. Sgt. R.L. Zengel V.C. (Canada) Saskatchewan Regt. - After capturing a machine gun and dispersing its crew he was rendered unconscious by a shell, but when he recovered he continued to direct harassing fire on the enemy. Sergt. C.E. Spackman V.C. (London) Border Regiment - Rushed forward and captured a machine gun single-handed enabling his company to advance Private Ernest Sykes V.C. (Huddersfield) Northumberland Fusiliers - After bringing in four wounded men under fire he remained out and under conditions that seemed almost certain death bandaged more wounded men Private Robert Ryder V.C. (Harefield, Middlesex) Middlesex Regiment - When the advance of his company was flagging owing to loss of its leaders, rushed forward alone with his Lewis gun and cleared the enemy trench Captain H. Reynolds V.C. (London) Royal Scots - Finding that his company were suffering heavy casualties from an enemy pill-box, he crawled up to it and forcing a phosphorus grenade inside, caused the death of three of the enemy while the remaining seven or eight surrendered Sgt. Frederick McNess V.C. (Leeds) Scots Guards - After being severely wounded in the neck and jaw went through a barrage of bombs to bring up bombs for his own men Corporal William Bess V.C. - Corporal C. Beasley (Rifle Brigade) - Captain W.A. White - Captain E. Foster (Surrey Regiment) - Sgt. Drummer W. Kenny (London) - Private T.G. Turral (Birmingham) Worcs Regiment. - Captain W.A. 'Billy' Bishop VC, DSO. MC. DFC - Capt. G.T. Lyall (Airdrie Lanarkshire) Canadian Infantry - Lieut-Colonel Edgar Thomas Inkson - Seaman W. Williams V.C. - L/Corporal Thos. Bryan V.C. (Norton, Near Doncaster) Northumberland Fusiliers - Though wounded he went forward alone and creeping up behind an enemy machine gun which had been casing much damage he destroyed it. Major E. Holland V.C. (Canada) Royal Canadian Dragoons - In South Africa in 1900 he kept the Boers off with his Colt gun, and when he saw the enemy were too near for him to escape with the carriage, he galloped off with the gun under his arm. Capt. E. P. Bennett V.C. (London) Worcestershire Regiment - When advancing with a second wave at Le Transloy in 1916 he saw that the wave had lost its commanders. Placing himself in charge he obtained the objective L/Cpl. Alfred Wilcox V.C. (Birmingham) Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry - After capturing an enemy machine-gun, picked up enemy bombs and proceeded to capture three more machine-guns. Lieut-Colonel A. Borton V.C. (Southwold) The London Regiment - Led a party of volunteers against a battery of field guns in action at point blank range, capturing the guns and the detachments. Private John Caffrey V.C. (Nottingham) York and Lancaster Regiment - Made

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