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Auktion: Auction 10.10.2011
wurde versteigert am: 10. Oktober 2011
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‘The State of Israel is the fulfilment of a 2000 year old dream” Moshe Katsav, Deputy …

Schätzpreis: 1.000 £ - 1.500 £
ca. 1.574 $ - 2.362 $
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'The State of Israel is the fulfilment of a 2000 year old dream" Moshe Katsav, Deputy Prime Minister, Israel, Israel 50 Jubilee limited edition four pen set, 3/400, 1998, comprising an 18 carat gold fountain pen and .925 standard silver fountain pen with matching ball point pens, each overlay cut with the seven flames of the Menorah, the official symbol of the state of Israel, revealing a blue vegetal resin barrel, the colour of the Israeli flag; the fountain pens are both piston fillers with 18 carat gold reinforced nibs designed to write both the English and Hebrew alphabet and engraved with the Star of David, both sets in their velvet presentation boxes with outer card packaging and paperwork, together with two mounted advertising postersIsrael 50 set was designed to commemorate 50 years of the State of Israel, from 1948 to 1998.

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Auktionshaus: Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions
Titel: Auction 10.10.2011
Auktionsdatum: 10.10.2011
Adresse: Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions
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St James’s
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