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Auktion: Spectacular Sporting Trophies & Memorabilia
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The Historically Important Football Association Challenge Cup, 1896-1910

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Vaughton & Sons, Birmingham, 1895 The silver trophy formed as a two-handled cup and cover, surmounted by a figure of a footballer with a football at his feet, the body with four oval cartouches engraved with the winning teams from 1872 to 1910 (1872 to 1895 being the winners of the first F. A. Cup – now lost – see footnote below), the loaded base underside inscribed 'Made By/P.Vaughton & Sons/Birmingham/1896/From A Cast Of The Old Cup/Which Was Lost' with ebonised plinth bearing two later silver plaques, both with maker's mark for Charles Edwards London, 1910, the first inscribed 'Presented by/The Football Association/To/The Right Hon. Lord Kinnaird/in appreciation of long/and very valuable services rendered to the game/6th February 1911', the second inscribed 'The Right Hon. Lord Kinnaird/International 1873./Final Cup Competition/1873.7.8.9 & 1882./Member of Council since 1868./President/of The Football Association since/1890', the cup 40.6cm high, 50.7cm high with plinth; sold together with a copy of The History of The Football Association 1863-1952, published for the Football Association by the Naldrett Press 1953

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Titel: Spectacular Sporting Trophies & Memorabilia
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