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Auktion: Les Grandes Marques a Monaco
wurde versteigert am: 16. Mai 2005
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The Ex-J.J. Lehto/ PierLuigi Martini 1992 BMS Dallara-Ferrari F192 FORMULA 1 RACING SINGLE-SEATER Chassis no. 024

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In a Formula 1 racing environment which has seen Ferrari cars and engines utterly dominate the World Championship so far this century, we are able to offer enthusiastic collectors the potential to acquire a Ferrari V12-engined Formula 1 car for a fraction of a works team car price. This Ferrari-powered 1992 season BMS-Dallara was driven in period by the extremely fast young Finnish star J.J. Lehto – who has built a formidable reputation in more recent years in endurance and American Le Mans series competition – and it is offered here “on the button” and ready to run, having been recently driven in the Brian Redman International Challenge event at Elkhart Lake and achieving a lead of 7 seconds on the opening lap! The 3.5-litre V12-cylinder engine has been recently bored and scoped and was found to be satisfactory. This fully running BMS-Dallara – which in almost every respect looks, sounds and operates like a works Ferrari – is offered here complete with starter, starting fuel pump, power pack and both front and rear jacks. For 1992 BMS Scuderia Italia team owner Giuseppe Lucchini secured Ferrari V12 engines for his Giampaolo Dallara designed cars which emerged as virtual Ferrari Formula 1 look-alikes. Lucchini’s Dallara-Ferrari combination was driven in ’92 by Lehto and Pierluigi Martini, who would achieve two 6th-place finishes. For 1993 these beautiful Dallara-Ferraris were replaced by new Lola T93/30 chassis which proved unsuccessful, and at season’s end the Brescia based F.1 operation closed down, concentrating instead on sports car racing. Cette BMS-Dallara en parfait état de fonctionnement vient avec son démarreur, sa pompe d’amorçage, sa batterie d’appoint et ses ‘lève-vite’ avant/ arrière. En 1992, le propriétaire de l’écurie BMS Scuderia Italia, Giuseppe Lucchini, parvint à obtenir le moteur V12 Ferrari pour motoriser ses châssis Dallara. Ces Dallara-Ferrari furent pilotées par J.J. Lehto et Perluigi Martini qui décrochèrent deux 6ème place. En 1993, les Dallara-Ferrari furent remplacées par les nouvelles Lola T93/30 dont le châssis se révéla être inefficace, ce qui entraîna la fermeture du département F1 de la structure de Brescia, leur permettant ainsi de se concentrer sur leurs activités en grantourisme.

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Auktionshaus: Bonhams London
Titel: Les Grandes Marques a Monaco
Auktionsdatum: 16.05.2005
Adresse: Bonhams London
Monte Carlo