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The Ex-Fernando de Mascarenhas/Borge Barreto 1955 3-litre FERRARI 500/750 MONDIAL/MONZA Spider Corsa SPORTS-RACING TWO-SEATER Chassis no. 0560MD Engine no. (internal) 42 MZ

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This quite remarkable Lot is the perhaps the most complete so-called ‘restoration project’ Ferrari sports-racing car that we have ever had the privilege to offer. Fresh from the Lees Collection it comprises 3-litre 4-cylinder Ferrari 750 Monza specification, offered complete with a restored original rolling chassis, featuring ready-installed engine and transmission and accompanied by what is believed to be the original lightweight aluminium bodyshell in what might most charitably be described as ‘tired’ but (with skill and care) restorable condition… The chassis offered here is associated with two varying versions of the competition history, one beginning life as a works 2-litre Mondial before conversion for customer sale into 3-litre Monza configuration, while the other – probably more compelling – has the car in private-customer 3-litre 750 Monza form right ‘from birth. Fascinatingly, both feature the car as having become the strikingly two-tone liveried, special-bodied Mascarenhas/Barreto tail-finned machine of 1955-56 – easily one of the most startling-looking and futuristically distinctive of all front-engined Ferrari sports-racing cars of the 1950s. Upon the tubular chassis frame’s front cross-member are surviving very faint traces of a chassis serial number stamping which is believed to be that applied to chassis‘0560MD’. Not only Mr Derek Lees and ourselves but also several Ferrari specialists who have closely examined the frame while it has been in our hands believe this to be probably the genuine marking on this structure. Chassis serial ‘0560MD’ is recorded as having been the identifying mark of the fifth of Ferrari’s 500 Mondial Series II Spider Corsa models to have been manufactured, combining the Tipo 510 chassis with the Tipo 119 2-litre 4-cylinder twin-cam racing engine. If this received history is accurate, ‘0560’ as originated at the height of the 1955 competition season was taken onto the Ferrari works racing team inventory in the long factory halls at Maranello, where it was prepared initially for the great Biellese driver Umberto Maglioli to campaign in the Shell Cup sports car race at Imola, on June 19 that year. Maglioli drove the car in question home into second place in that event, after which this historical thread suggests that it was then transported across to Portugal for the following weekend’s Portuguese Grand Prix race for sports cars on the Boavista circuit in which it was driven by local Ferrari customer Fernando de Mascarenhas, who unfortunately failed to finish. However, the alternative version of this history has Mascarenhas driving a 3-litre – not 2-litre – car in that event which would have been ‘0560MD’ running already with the larger engine installed. If his car in that event was indeed the works-operated 2-litre – which had merely been loaned to Mascarenhas for the Portuguese GP event, perhaps due to late completion/delivery (or return) of a car which he had ordered, or was having factory-serviced – this 2-litre Mondial in question was then returned to works team duties for the national Italian mountain-climb event at Bolzano-Mendola on July 3. There the car was entrusted to none other than the legendary Eugenio Castellotti, who promptly won that event overall, setting fastest time of the day and being photographed in the process, as depicted on page 96 of the 1956 "Primavera Bresciana" Mille Miglia yearbook. One week later that same car reappeared in the stylish and charismatic Castellotti’s well-manicured hands in the major Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti event, in which he again won overall. This major success is recorded by photographs of the triumphant occasion published on page 168/169 of Gianni Cancellieri and Cesare de Agostini’s book “Polvere e Gloria - La Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti 1947-1956” and on pages 59 and 108/109 of Cesare de Agostini’s book “Castellotti - A Stolen Heart”. Seven days after the Dolomites Cup victory, Castellotti’s team-mate – emergent Belgian star Olivier Ge

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