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Auktion: Ocean Liner
wurde versteigert am: 28. Juni 2007
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The deck log for the cable ship SS MacKay-Bennett relating t...

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The deck log for the cable ship S.S. MacKay-Bennett relating to the recovery operation in the R.M.S. Titanic debris field
The deck log for the cable ship S.S. MacKay-Bennett relating to the recovery operation in the R.M.S. Titanic debris field a ledger style book marked on the cover with two lables, the first with "Cable ship/MacKay Bennett/Deck Log Book" (label worn and missing lower protion), the second with "S.S. Titanic/Disaster/April 1912" (lifting from surface and slightly creased); the inside front page marked in red pencil "S.S. Titanic/Cableship MacKay Bennett/Deck Log Book/12 April 1912/To/19 July 1912"; the first entry at Halifax, N.S. listing mundane maintenance chores through 16 April; at the 8am muster on 17 April with orders to load "ice, old iron and coffins" and then at 12:45 "ship left - CC Co wharf and proceeded to sea toward wreck of SS Titanic..."; the top of the log dated "Thursday April 18th 1912 - Toward wreck of S.S. Titanic"; "Saturday April 20th 1912 - Toward wreck of S.S. Titanic" with a log entry of "12:40.... Rec'd wireless from S/S Rhein, lat-42.01 Long 49"-13' passed a lot of wreckage and some bodies..." and on the following line "for position given by S/S Rhein, Rec'd wireless from S/S Bre____ passed a number of bodies an overturned life boat and 3 large iceberg in 42".00n 49.20'w; the next entry (page 10) "Sunday April 21st 1912 - at wreck of S.S. Titanic" with several entries regarding drifting through wreckage and recovering bodies (appears to be 75 bodies recovered that day) and 24 bodies committed to the deep; further entries include the pick up of numerous other bodies, all of the unidentified are committed to the deep, pick up of deck chairs and other debris; this gruesome work continues on from April 21st-26th; on April 27th the S.S. MacKay Bennett changes course to return to Halifax; she returns to Halifax on April 30th, at 9am she stops at the quarentine anchorage and was boarded by a doctor and White Star Line agent; at 9:40 she was hauled alonside pier No. 4 at the dockyard and at 10am started discharging bodies and coffins, the total number of bodies discharges was 190; at 1pm they were finished discharging, and at 1:35 a police patrol wagon took away the personel affects of the victims. The balance of the log notes additional work and voyages not related to the R.M.S. Titanic recovery (the binding and spine split and separated, loss to the covers and wear to the edges, pages stained, worn and brittle, writing clear and mostly legible). 13¾ x 12 in. (33 x 30.5 cm.)

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Auktionshaus: Christie's
Titel: Ocean Liner
Auktionsdatum: 28.06.2007
Adresse: Christie's
28 June 2007, New York, Rockefeller Center