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Auktion: Wassenaar Zoo
wurde versteigert am: 30. Mai 2018
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Schätzpreis: 600 £ - 800 £
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The Birds of California, 4 vol., "Format de Luxe", signed by the author in volume one, New York, 1940--FORBUSH (EDWARD HOWE) Birds of Massachusetts and Other New England States, 3 vol., Norwood, Mass., 1929; The Natural History of American Birds of Eastern and Central North America, revised by J.R. May, New York, [1955]--AUDUBON (JOHN JAMES) The Original Water-color Paintings... for the Birds of America, 2 vol., introduction by Marshall B. Davidson, New York, 1966--GABRIELSSON (IRA N.) AND F.C. LINCOLN. The Birds of Alaska, Harrisburg, 1959--BAILEY (FLORENCE M.) Birds of New Mexico, 1928--SPRUNT (ALEXANDER) Florida Bird Life, New York, 1954--HOWELL (A.H.) Florida Bird Life, New York, 1932--BURLEIGH (THOMAS D.) Georgia Birds, Norman, 1958--DAWSON (WILLIAM LEON) The Birds of Ohio, 2 vol., Columbus, 1903, plates (many in colour), publisher's cloth , 8vo and 4to ; and 47 others, mostly ornithology of North America (64)

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Bonhams London
Titel: Wassenaar Zoo
Auktionsdatum: 30.05.2018
Adresse: Bonhams London
London, New Bond Street 101 New Bond Street London W1S 1SR Tel: +44 20 7447 7447 Fax : +44 207 447 7401 [email protected]